Kim Petras Applauded Sam Smith's Response to Trolling

Kim Petras praised Sam Smith's response to the intense cyberbullying regarding their satanic attire and appearance, stating that she was extremely impressed.

Following their performances at the Grammys and BRIT Awards earlier this year, both pop icons made headlines with their satanic renditions of 'Unholy'.

And it led to Sam being mocked for their appearance, but Kim claims that the 'I'm Not Here to Make Friends' singer has taught her how to handle negativity.

Speaking to, Kim said: 'It was an incredible journey truly, I had so much fun with Sam and I think we together felt very strong on stage and gave each other lots of confidence.

Sam has taught me a great deal about dealing with the media and people who remark on your appearance, looks, and body.

People were extremely cruel to Sam, but I was very impressed by how he dealt with it all and never let it affect him.

It’s so tough sometimes, you go through comments or press stuff and you’re like, oh my God everyone hates me. But give it a few hours, touch grass and breathe and let it go by.'

Kim Petras, whose most recent album is titled "Feed The Beast," has expressed her desire to work with Sam Smith again, provided they discover the ideal song.

She also praised their Madonna collaboration 'VULGAR', exposing herself to be a huge fan.

She gushed: 'They’re just a really truly talented, gifted artist who really writes and cares about the music. I love working with those kinds of artists.'

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