Zodiacs Who Are Most Afraid To Change!

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Certain life-altering experiences are distressing for the vast majority of people. Such profound shifts are going to generate anxiety and require time to adapt to.

However, this anxiousness is more intense for some individuals. Continue reading to discover which zodiac signs fear transition and the unknown the most.

6) Aquarius

They are making certain adjustments on their own initiative. But if it is imposed by a figure of authority, they are likely to feel confined and overwhelmed.

5) Capricorn

If events don't unfold as they had carefully planned, it may result in change "feel impossible for them, bringing in emotions of impending doom and failure.

4) Libra

When justice and harmony are upset, those born under the scales symbol will feel uneasy. They assume it's a terrible failure when, in fact, it's just part of life's rhythm.

3) Virgo

Virgos plan and organize virtually every aspect of their lives. However, even minor changes can produce inner unrest. They can examine every operational aspect.

2) Cancer

This very sensitive crab may experience what feels like an endless emotional rollercoaster due to the ups and downs that come with change.

1) Taurus

Taureans want routine, and this, paired with their inherent stubbornness, makes them fearful of change. When their daily routine is broken, they quickly panic.

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