Why Is It Critical To Dry Your Hands After Washing?

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Pfizer says most germs spread via hands. That's why you should wash your hands often.

Washing your hands is a good first step, but it is not sufficient. Hand drying is an equally important component of hand washing.

Why To Dry Hands?

The primary reason you should make sure to dry your hands is because wet hands are more likely to spread germs than dry hands are.

According to research by microbiologist Dr. D.L. Webber, as much as 85% of the germs we spread to each other are transmitted through wet hands.

Wet hands are more likely to pick up germs from other surfaces, so not drying them properly may be worse than not washing them.

Dry, cracked skin on the hands is also an invitation for bacteria and other pathogens into the body, so it's crucial to keep your hands moisturized.

Issue of Dry Hands!

To avoid over-drying skin, the Cleveland Clinic recommends using a moisturizing soap and rinsing with cool water. Lotion can also help your skin retain moisture.

Go for a thicker cream or ointment if you have a tendency toward extremely dry skin on your hands.

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