White is practically synonymous with winter. The name Winter is perfect for your dog because it is both short and lovely. 


Few words are more fitting and woofterful than Frosty if you have already identified a spirited trait in your white pups' personality. 


Blizzard is a great name for your dog if you've already decided on a large breed like a Great Pyrenees or a Dogo Argentino. The term "blizzard" is commonly used to describe a massive snowstorm.


Snowy or snowball is a cute name for a small white dog like a Chihuahua, Pomeranian, or Maltese.


Ice is another memorable word that brings to mind the stark whiteness of winter. This three-letter word is pawfect for a white dog and is one of the shortest words in the English language.


Polar, like Polar bear, is another great name for a white big dog pup. For a fluffy, white large dog, the name is even more appropriate.


Perhaps you are picturing something warm and cuddly, like your new puppy, and you don't want to think of it in connection with the cold. The name "Buttermilk" seems like the most appropriate one.


Word cloud is another name for a white dog. Cloudy weather can also be used to identify a temperamental dog.


Because of its abundance of white snow, Alaska is a great name for your dog. However, this pawsome American state also represents the freedom and peace of diverse terrain and wildlife. 


Mount Everest, one of the highest points on Earth, is capped with a thick layer of white snow. The name fits a white dog that you want to give an air of superiority to perfectly.

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