What Effects Longevity More: Genetics or Physical Activity?

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Nature or nurture influences our traits and actions more? Many of the greatest minds have pondered this subject, and it's being debated today.

With so much focus on longevity, it's natural to wonder whether our choices in life or our genetic make-up determines how long we'll live.

Only 25% of the diversity in human longevity may be attributed to genetic factors, according to a study published in Immunity and Aging in 2016. But things aren't quite that simple.

The subject of longevity may be heavily influenced by epigenetic change, according to the findings of recent studies.

Epigenetics is the study of how our activities influence the expression of our genes - figuratively speaking, turning specific genes "on" or "off."

The study indicates that while some fortunate individuals can simply win the genetic lottery, the rest of us can achieve comparable outcomes by lifestyle choices.

Even people with a genetic propensity for longevity had a high chance of health problems if they had a sedentary lifestyle, according to a study conducted in 2022.

The findings show that the contrary is also true, and that persons without genes associated with longevity may be able to achieve it through physical activity and a good lifestyle.

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