What Causes My Dog To Lick My Ears?

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If your dog has made ear licking his favorite pastime, you can be confident that he derives some benefit from it.

But what kind of value? What makes dogs so obsessed with licking our ears? Find out what might be causing this behavior.

1) An Instinctive Behavior 

A dog's natural tendency to lick is a throwback to its puppy days. It's not surprising that dogs lick people's mouths, faces, and ears.

2) An Appeasement Gesture 

Dogs' licking actions could be utilized as a form of appeasement as well. Dogs are attempting to tell us they are friendly and not to worry about us.

3) A Quest For Attention

Many dogs adore being the center of attention, and licking your ears gets it. If you respond to ear-licking by petting and cooing, you'll reward the behavior.

4) A Matter of Social Grooming 

There is a possibility that while your dog is within reach of your ears, he will feel obligated to engage in social grooming with you.

5) Interesting Body Part 

Dogs may lick our ears because they find this body area intriguing. From the perspective of our dog, our ears emit intriguing odors.

6) Affection

Many of the behaviors dogs exhibit around humans may be an indication of pure affection, strong attachment, and trust, including licking ears.

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