Reducing Serving Sizes

Our appetite for huge portions mirrors our obsession with all things gigantic. While cutting back on serving sizes may go against the grain of the typical American's mentality, it may be the most effective strategy for losing weight.

Maintaining a Food Log

Accountants keep detailed ledgers for a reason. Keep track to be accountable. Many healthy people track their diets. A meal ledger can assist dedicated weight-loss fighters stay accountable.

Getting Rid of Snacking

Those who can control themselves sufficiently to eat exclusively at mealtimes have the best chance of successfully dropping pounds. Many people in the United States are unable to stick to their diets because they snack between meals.

 Ketogenic Diet/Keto

For those on the Ketogenic Diet, or keto, the traditional food pyramid is turned on its head. Cutting back on sugar and carbohydrates is key. Keto is all about cutting less on sugar, which the body gets from digestible carbs.

Limiting sugar aids weight loss and health. It's sustainability. Can you resist pizza, steak sandwiches, and fresh fruit? Keto is a possibility, but it's not a long-term answer.

Periodic Fasting

The principle behind intermittent fasting is that your body will use its fat reserves as fuel when you don't constantly feed it. Intermittent fasting has been endorsed by a number of respected nutritionists, and it seems reasonable at first glance.

Carnivore Diet

The inverse of a vegan diet, this one helped them feel full for longer.If you feel the carnivore diet has ethical or health risks, please disregard this entry. There are a lot of people that favor a meat-only diet.

Quitting the Sauce/Alcohol

Our body associates food with weight growth. However, drinking beer and other high-calorie drinks will keep you fat. However, limiting or eliminating alcohol consumption may improve health.

The Cycle, At Least Once

Consider for a ride on a bicycle in the morning before you head off to the office.  Investing in a bicycle will give you access to a fun, low-stress method of exercise. If you can, buy a bicycle.

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