The tricolor Boxer is a medium to large dog with a short brown, black, and white coat. Because they baited and fought bulls and other dogs, they got their name. 


The medium Beagle's white, brown, and black coat is beautiful. This rabbit-hunting scent hound was originally bred for tracking. Today, this laid-back dog enjoys family time and playing with the kids.

Australian Shepherd

These smart herding dogs are loyal and friendly. Their long, fluffy coats are black, red, or blue with white or brown. The Aussie is good at flyball, agility, tracking, and herding—even people.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Blue Heeler, a tricolor dog, is black, brown, and gray. These small herding dogs, which date back to the 1800s, are full of energy and smart enough to herd without overworking.

Cavalier King

One Cavalier coat pattern is black, white, and tan. These playful, loving pups are companion animals who love being with their people.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Corgi was Queen Elizabeth's favorite dog. Tan, white, and black are the most striking tricolor combination for these adorable short pups. Nipping at cattle's heels, the breed hunts.


Today, the Collie is known for its tricolor coat of black, white, and tan. Scottish herder pups are active, loving, and loyal to their families. They are protective and can herd kids.

english Bulldog

The meaty Bulldog has a short, sleek coat in white, black, and brindle or fawn. These stocky pups used to be bull and bear baiters but now relax with their owners. This sweet, playful dog loves kids.

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