German Shepherd

German Shepherds are strong both physically and mentally, making them the strongest dog breed. Their intelligence is endless, and the military and security use them as police dogs.

Siberian Husky

This pup is for cold-weather lovers. Since they're strong and well-insulated, they're used to pull sleds. They love kids and are great pets. They'll keep kids safe, warm, and entertained when it snows!

english Bulldog

Muscular English Bulldogs! Strong-willed and protective, their ancestors fought bulls. They're heavy, but they'll enjoy a day with the kids. Put on the harness and pull the kids!


Muscular and shiny, the American Pit Bull is a beauty. They're incredibly strong and bred to fight. Well-raised pups are sweet and loving, so don't let their past stop you from enjoying them.


Rottweilers are beautiful and strong. Due to their sweetness, they make great pets. Short-coated pups are smart and can do most jobs. This dog loves herding, pulling, and rescuing!

Alaskan Malamute

This large, furry pup can handle any weather. Alaskan Malamutes pull well. They work hard but make great pets. Your child will love this pup with a sled! These pups are strong and happy!

Saint Bernard

This dog is strong and large. They can carry a child and gently lead them. Saint Bernards are known for rescuing people from dangerous situations.

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