Poodles are perfect indoor pets because they don't shed and rarely bark. They prefer lounging at home.

Bichon Frise

Bichons don't shed and have the softest white fur. They like cuddling, being lap dogs, and going to the dog park, but they'd rather just hang out with you on the couch.


The adorable weiner dog! Doxies are so cute! Hunting dogs are active. They relax at home after playtime. Apartment dwellers love them because they're small.


The tiny Maltese isn't outdoor-friendly. Because of their white coat and small size, they were bred as lap dogs. They don't shed, rarely bark, and love cuddling.


This Cuban dog is a silly, silky-coated 10 pound pup. They rarely shed and are quiet. If you're gone often, get them a playmate since they don't like being alone.

Bassett Hound 

Long ears, droopy eyes, short legs? Bassett Hound! These dogs look relaxed and easygoing. Like all dogs, they enjoy walks. They also enjoy lounging around the house with their people.


Pugs' squishy faces and wrinkly skin make them one of the most distinctive small dogs. They only bark when provoked and rarely shed. Since they're small, they're happy to play indoors.


Beagle bays are unmistakable! Scent drives curious pups. They'll sniff anything outside. Though lazy, beagles need exercise. They love sunbathing and socializing.

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