Labrador Retriever

Labs are great hunting dogs. Labs never tire and can go the distance. A well-run lab is a masterwork. After a day of hiking, a lab can easily become a family pet. 

German Shorthaired Pointer

Pointing makes German Shorthaired Pointers happy. Pheasants and grouse can be found by following their signal. Their short, bur-free hair keeps them warm during fall hunts. They make great house pets if exercised and loved. 

Bluetick Coonhound

 Bluetick Coonhounds also tree animals. This floppy-eared, salt-and-pepper dog can hunt at night. They howl while hunting and have overactive noses. Blueticks are loving family pets off-duty. 

English Spring Spaniel

The loyal Spring Spaniel completes this list. Springers are flushers and retrievers. These pups can compete with any retriever. Springers can compete with larger hunting breeds. They're also great family pets. 

Golden Retriever

Goldens are known as the perfect family pet. Don't label this pup yet. They're great retrievers, as their name implies. This breed frightens birds with its keen sense of smell and athleticism. 

Irish Setter 

This breed looks good while catching birds. Irish Setters look like show dogs with their flowing mahogany fur. These athletes track birds well. They are lovable and trainable. 

Brittany Spaniel

This lively breed will point and retrieve with a smile. They are smart, cheerful, and eager to learn. Make them your own. Watching Brittanys work is fun! 


Beagles are silly and playful at home. They work hard in the woods. After smelling something, they ignore everything else and keep going until the job is done. This breed, which hunts rabbits, amazes. 

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