It's pawfect for your itty-bitty furball, but it's even more hilarious when strapped to a huge doggo. Just who is your massive Nugget?


Green Dragon, Mario's trusty companion from the Super Mario Brothers video game series. Excellent for the dog who loves to explore!


Do you have a canine eater at home? Or perhaps it's just yellow. Cheddar is entertaining and reflects your dog's goofy personality.

Bark Twain

This is a cute play on words, and it works even if you aren't familiar with Mark Twain. It might be pawsome for a chatterbox or a best cuddle buddy if you're reading a book.


The name means celestial objects, but this 'Jetsons' canine also got to experience some wild adventures. Astro is a great name for a dog who is the center of attention in its owner's life.


Taco is a great name for any dog, no matter its size or appetite. A Chihuahua would also fit wonderfully in there.


Do you own a huge, drooly Newfoundland, Bassett Hound or Bulldog? This space-starved galactic chieftain might be the one. Funnier still on a little dog who thinks they run the show.


Do you have a dog who loves to be heard? Barkley could be the perfect witness to this quality or describe how athletic your dog is.


This is a technological term that would have been unheard of two decades ago, but has since become a popular joke thanks to Twitter and Jimmy Fallon. For the most lovable furball of a geek.

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