Irish Wolfhound

Its long legs are obvious. Men can reach 36-inch shoulders! It's huge! Irish Wolfhounds run like hounds. They run fast. Thus, if you see one approaching, move! They're good pets because they're gentle. 

Great Dane

Gentle giant. Great Dane shoulders average 32 inches! These giant dogs have big hearts and love being part of the family. These pups need lots of space, so they're not good for small spaces. 


Mastiffs are all-or-nothing. These massive dogs can weigh 230 pounds! Lots of dog! They are kind, loving, and protective. This breed needs training and socialization. 


The fluffy Newfoundland's face! Their kind faces warm everyone. These gentle giants are called "nanny dogs" because they love watching children. Make sure you have room for a 150-pound Newfie.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Its tri-colored coat is stunning. Their ancestors were hardworking herders on Swiss Alps farms. Good-natured Berners are popular family pets today. They enjoy being outside and curling up at your feet. 

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards have a large head, droopy eyes, wrinkled brow, and powerful build. They are calm and watchful over their families. For a little drool, you get a lot of dog!

Great Pyrenees

This thick-coated beauty protects mountain herds. They're very serious at work. They are cuddly companions when off duty. This breed combines business and pleasure. 


This strong breed is also gentle. A Rottie can be a fun, playful family pet with proper training and socialization. They will do anything to protect their families after bonding.

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