Bark Twain

Bark Twain is synonymous with timeless, universally funny stories like "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn," and his name is instantly recognizable.

Artoo Dogtoo

Your dog certainly doesn't have a robotic appearance, but perhaps his manner of movement or demeanor has you thinking of one. Or maybe you're just a huge Star Wars fan who finds Artoo Dogtoo hilarious.

Muttley Crue 

Is your four-legged furball a Nikki Sixx look-alike who gets a kick out of hearing heavy metal? Then perhaps the most pawsitively perfect name is Muttley Crue.

Drooliest Caesar

It's possible that Fido isn't a Roman politician. Drooliest Caesar, though, because he drools a lot.

Mary Puppins 

It's okay to dress up your pet as this well-known babysitter if it enjoys singing and dancing, or even if it merely looks like her. Mary Puppins can be your dog's kid even if she wasn't born in London.

Santa Paws 

It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, your dog always seems to be in the holiday spirit. So, naturally, we must call him Santa Paws.


When people look at their dogs, they often see a familiar face or cartoon figure. This is a cute way to spell "wookie," in case you think your dog looks like one.

Hairy Pawter 

Hairy Pawter is the purrfect name for a boy pupster if you're a fan of Dogwarts. Don't give him any chances to do magic.

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