Irish Setter

Irish Setters are friendliest. This face radiates happiness, making you smile. This breed's happy disposition and family-friendly nature have inspired painters for centuries.

Labrador Retriever

This friendly pup tops the best dog list for many reasons. This pup-tastic dog is a great child's companion, guide, or rescue dog. A top friendly breed is the Labrador Retriever.


Beagles are enjoyable. With their small but sturdy build, they can fit into any lifestyle. This dog will happily accept treats from strangers and watch out for their best friend.


The Boxer's popularity has increased as a result of their friendliness, but they have maintained their breed characteristics by remaining excellent guard dogs. This fur-ever companion will be your child's best friend.

Cavalier King

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel's sweetness and friendliness have made it a popular subject in art. This dog's aristocratic charm and playful nature will charm friends and family.


Considering a poodle? This smart, friendly breed excels at obedience trials and hiking trails. They fit any lifestyle. Your poodle will gladly help you with anything. Friend forever.

Boston Terrier

Little Boston Terriers are spunky!  With their tuxedo-style fur coat, this dog will make anyone smile. They love cuddling with kids and hiking with outdoor enthusiasts.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi always smiles at events. They are so friendly that people love seeing them. This outgoing pup is family-oriented. This short, stout dog will happily follow your commands.

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