The Beagle tops our list because of its friendliness and easy coat care. They love kids and pets, but they hunt if given the chance. These dogs are cuddlers and great companions.


The short-coated Chihuahua, the smallest dog in the world, is easy to care for. They make great purse pets and lap dogs. They get along with other pets and kids, making them great family pets.

Heading 2

Heading 2


This 19th-century dog was bred to bait and fight bulls and other dogs. They're kind now. They self-groom, and their short, smooth coat doesn't mat or require grooming.

english Bulldog

Bulldogs are big softies despite their ferocity. These dogs, also known as English Bulldogs, love kids, cats, and lounging around the house. If they get dirty, just hose them off.

Boston Terrier

The "American Gentleman" is this little bundle of energy's nickname. These adorable dogs are smart, happy, and funny. Since they bathe like cats, their short, sleek coat is easy to maintain.


While their short, sleek coat keeps your carpet clean, this pup's soulful eyes will melt your heart. This pup looks great with a weekly brush and wipe! The large Rottie, a guard dog, loves their family.

Great Dane

This gentle giant is loyal and loves to cuddle. These clumsy dogs love their humans and wouldn't hurt a fly. Their short coat makes bathing and brushing them easy.


Pugs' cute faces and lovable personalities make them great family pets. These friendly pups love being near you and getting along with everyone. Regular brushing can reduce the amount of hair they shed.

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