Labrador Retriever

The Lab has been the nation's top dog for years, so he's used to it. This is our first choice because they are loyal, smart, and friendly, and they play great soccer.

Golden Retriever

Goldens are good at this sport because Buddy from the Disney "Air Bud" movies is a Golden. These golden beauties are pawesome furever furiends for any family and love attention. 

Australian Shepherd

Because they herd animals into pens, herding dogs are natural soccer players. Putting a ball in its goal is instinctual! This energetic Shepherd is a natural athlete. They need a job and a partner to be happy.


Because of their Collie ancestry, Shelties look like miniature Lassie the Collie. They love soccer, flyball, and agility training and are great herders. However, they may try to herd small animals and children.

Border Collie

Although smaller than their Collie ancestors, Border Collies are still energetic and need to herd. Born soccer stars, they love to run and are easy to train!

English Springer Spaniel

This hunting dog chases balls and woodcocks. The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog that makes a great lifelong furiend for any family. They are smart and can be trained for many adventures!


The smallest dog on this list, the Papillon, can play soccer with the best. These agile, long-haired Spaniels love to play. They are also great with kids and other dogs, making them great pets.

West Highland White Terrier

This little white pupster is barely bigger than the soccer ball, but their athleticism helps them keep up with the big dogs. They like to chase things, and a soccer ball can make a great prey.

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