French Bulldog

Frenchie owners say their dogs are loving and happy. Clowns love attention and want to be involved in everything. French Bulldogs love rides except to the vet!


Newfies are adaptable and great travel companions as long as they fit in your car! They're gentle, calm, and big, so don't be afraid. Bring your Newfie to the lake or ocean they're great swimmers!

Bassett Hound 

The Basset Hound's huge ears flapping in the wind are a treat! Your GPS and co-pilot is this scent hound. Self-assured, adventurous, and low-key.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed for good reason. They're patient, loyal, obedient, and compliant. Rest often because these pups need a lot of stimulation.

Standard Poodle

Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley" follows his Standard Poodle across the US. These active dogs, like Charley, bond with their owners. This road dog doesn't shed, so no need to vacuum your car!

english Bulldog

English Bulldogs symbolize bravery and tenacity. This well-muscled bruiser is friendly and funny, despite their sourface. They're stubborn until they fall asleep and snore in the backseat.


Maltese friends are smart, laid-back, and love to be loved. They're lightweight and easy to load into the car. With those big, dark eyes, how can you refuse a car ride with your Maltese?


Chihuahuas are small, entertaining travel companions. You'll probably need to stretch before they do because their little bodies don't need much exercise.

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