These tiny beauties fit perfectly in a plane's carry-on crate. Although nervous, they're quiet. They're great for long waits between flights and can be wheeled around in their travel crates in the terminal.


The tiny Chihuahua can be carried in a sling, pushed in a stroller, strapped into a car's raised doggy seat, and tucked under a plane seat. They're high-strung but just want to be with their people!

Heading 2

Heading 2

Bichon Frise

This cute, fluffy dog loves attention and will draw attention at airports and train stations. They're optimistic and adventurous, and they'll love the new scents at your destination.

Labrador Retriever

Road trips are labs' paradise, but flying in a crate with suitcases is not. These guys are happiest with their families, sitting on the seat with their heads out the window and ears flapping.

Cavalier King

These calm pups are great travel companions. They enjoy the attention from other passengers and don't mind the hustle and bustle of check-in and boarding. Dog-friendly hotels like them because they're calm.

Great Dane

They're huge. They need a big back seat. Yes, you'll need a lot of dog food or frequent pet store visits. However, Great Danes make great RV, car, and camping companions. 


These feisty little pups love adventure and adapt well to most travel. Their alertness and attention-seeking make travel more fun. They love to walk and "hunt," but they also like to be pushed in a stroller.

Golden Retriever

Goldens, like other large dogs, would have to travel in a crate below decks. These fur-pups excel in other types of travel, especially outdoor travel! They're smart and trainable, and they love hiking.

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