Bassett Hound 

Basset Hounds are quiet and laid-back. This slow-moving dog won't notice your cat. Short, stocky, and loyal. They prefer snuggling with kitty on the couch.


A dog that doesn't think your cat is different? Beagles love everyone. They're sociable and pack runners. Your cat may qualify. They prefer friend over foe. This tiny dog fits any lifestyle.


This stout, swaggering fellow may seem like a foe at first. The cat benefits from their laid-back attitude. These pups are short and sweet, so kitty may want to curl up next to them and be their bodyguard!

Cavalier King

A cat-sized pup? Most Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are friends. Your cat will become best friends with this kind-hearted pup. Make sure the dog bed fits two.


This gorgeous pup has long or short fur and stands tall among friends. When they pass, heads turn, but not to them. They're friendly, laid-back dogs who want a playmate.

Golden Retriever

Any cat would love this large breed. They playfully misbehave. Golden Retrievers make great playmates for cats. Kitty can curl up in their fluffy fur due to their size.

Labrador Retriever

Two pups for Kitty! Labrador Retrievers love cats. This kind person loves playing with cats. Their medium build and smooth coat protect their new tabby friend.


This cute little dog is fun to watch and live with. They love everyone, including cats. Your cat will love all the attention. Papillons are small but friendly.


While their owners are away, the pug and cat will play together. These friendly pups are kitty-sized. Since they're the same size, rough housing is fine, and the pug will roll over to be kind! 

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