Labrador Retriever

Labs love playing with other pups and humans who will love them. They're not shy at parties or barbecues and love beach or lake parties with swimming!

Golden Retriever

These gorgeous pups are gregarious like their extrovert humans, so they blend in well at dinner parties, backyard pool parties, and crowded city parks. They'll sit on anyone's lap while everyone dances and eats.

English Springer Spaniel

Springers are affable and adventurous, whether they're walking down Fifth Avenue or camping on a lake. They easily make new acquaintances and are happiest with their human pack.


The calm, gentle Bulldog is irresistible. Social but not extroverted, these pups draw attention wherever they go and can instantly make new friends for their owners! 

Boston Terrier

These clownish dogs match their humans in personality and excitement, and they'll always greet strangers as if they were long lost pals. 


It's said that "Beagles have never met anyone they didn't like." They make great pets because they trust everyone. They attract people well. They're entertaining and friendly, and they'll play with anyone.

Saint Bernard

Before you dismiss this couch potato as an extrovert companion, consider how much attention a huge dog gets when walking down the street or sticking its massive head out a car window.


Extroverts don't always party. After social events, many crave home's quiet. They love the pug! They love excitement and crowds, but they always want to snuggle. Many extroverts reach their limit!

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