Chihuahuas lead the pack. These little pups are dressed to the nines before going out in public. Celebrities who love these pups take them everywhere, including to get their nails done.

Heading 2

Heading 2

Labrador Retriever

Celebrities love the cute and athletic Labrador Retriever. Famous people must stay fit for those 10 lb. cameras. Thus, a dog that can go from gym to photo shoot is in high demand.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog's portability makes it a celebrity favorite. They beat pup-competitors because they're cute, smart, and loyal!  Because of their charisma, many celebrities have filmed them.

Portuguese Water Dog

The White House is the ultimate pup palace! What pup wouldn't want to be walked by the President or his long line of secret service officials!  Presidents love Portuguese Water Dogs.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier was popular in film and radio. This dog has been photographed with many celebrities. Celebrity Yorkshire Terriers walk the Hall of Fame.


Poodles are beautiful, showy, and command attention, like their owners. From small to large, they're popular. They can be dressed up, clipped, or just lounge around waiting for their celebrity friend.


Most celebrities who need a ready-to-go companion choose Pomeranians. Furry, friendly, and fun! They're versatile. These pups love red carpet events. This dog always smiles, so take lots of selfies!

German Shepherd

For the outdoorsy celebrity or one who needs an extra bodyguard, consider the German Shepherd! They are quiet family protectors or love to run, swim, play, and be one with nature.

Cocker Spaniel

Many presidents and celebrities have owned Cocker Spaniels. They can be clipped or kept long. These amazing pets have traveled the world with their famous owners, always smiling and happy!

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