Cocker Spaniel

For those with little room, the cocker spaniel is a good choice. Happy and playful, these dogs need moderate exercise. Brushing the cocker's lengthy coat regularly is necessary.


Dalmatians are large medium dogs with characteristic spots. Dalmatians are lively and athletic, but some are stubborn, timid, or aloof with strangers. This dog needs regular training, socializing, and exercise.

Standard Schnauzer

The standard schnauzer is a medium-sized dog between the tiny and giant varieties. This energetic, vigilant watchdog can be rebellious if not trained. It's a great companion for active people.


These friendly and affectionate dogs make great pets if you don't mind them chasing everything and outrunning you. The breed needs exercise but little grooming.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh corgis have small legs and erect ears. Though small, the breed is athletic and powerful, making it a good herding dog. Corgis are affectionate and smart watchdogs.

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire terriers are medium-sized dogs with males being slightly larger than females. Their powerful frames and broad heads make them appear even bigger.

Australian Cattle Dog

The medium-sized Australian cattle dog is active and smart. This small, athletic dog works hard. Curious, alert, and devoted, the breed needs daily mental stimulation.


People who desire a sociable, active dog like the beagle. Small medium dogs are beagles. They are small enough to fit in small locations but strong enough to handle intense play or a long trek.


Bulldogs have short muzzles and snore. Due to their musculature, bulldogs are medium-sized despite their modest stature. Bulldogs are lively as puppies but mellow down as adults.

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