english Bulldog

This imposing dog is actually the laziest. They are gentle and cuddly, preferring to lie on the floor or elsewhere. Except eat. They enjoy eating.

Bassett Hound 

With droopy ears, eyes, and jowls, this pawesome pup looks lazy. Their short legs look slow. When they're not on the scent trail, they sleep everywhere, including places you wouldn't expect. 


Lapdogging is hard. The poor Pug must lie on your lap, head, or wherever they can. They play sometimes, but only when they want to, unless you feed them.

Cavalier King

Most Spaniels are active, but the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is lazy. They may think they should be served because they have Pug genes or a royal name. Lazy dog.

Chow Chow

Sleepy Chinese Chow Chows are big dogs. Seriously. Loves it. If allowed, these fluffy furballs can sleep over 20 hours a day. They love snuggling, so cuddle up with your pooch.

Great Dane

Great Danes are calm and lazy. They prefer napping to dancing and chasing the cat. If you want a couch potato, this big furry friend is mellow. 

Irish Wolfhound

Laziest dog breed is tallest. Irish Wolfhounds are the calmest dogs. Regular exercise prevents these gentle giants from becoming couch potatoes as adults.

French Bulldog

One of the most popular dog breeds among city dwellers is the lovable French Bulldog. These little bat-eared canines don't require much outdoor time due to their small stature.

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