Afghan Hound

Long flowing locks distinguish this breed. This breed originates in Afghanistan. They hunted and helped nomadic tribes herd. Today's show dogs are laid-back. They require extensive brushing.

Irish Wolfhound

They're gentle giants despite their size. Their height shouldn't scare you. These pups love kids, pets, and visitors. Walking around the neighborhood is the best way to keep them fit.


This tiny pup has a 4,000-year pedigree. This breed is named after its popularity in Renaissance Italy, even though it was around in ancient Egypt. These lapwarmers weigh around 10 pounds.


This breed raced and lured. Before racing, greyhounds hunted deer, rabbits, and fox. Those critters were no match for these long-legged beauties! These dogs are timid despite their incredible athleticism.


Long snout, black eyes, and bat ears? Whippet, surely! These cute pups are often mistaken for Greyhounds. Whipppets are smaller. These pups can race even the fastest dogs.


It resembles a Greyhound-Afghan Hound mix. Salukis, "The Royal Dog of Egypt," are noble. These regal dogs are fast. They are great runners.


This breed is worth learning about. This breed is always ready to chase with its pointy ears and sweet face. These dogs love running. If they see a small animal, try catching them!

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