These Zodiacs Are The Least Jealous?

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Some people rarely experience jealousy. They carry themselves and their relationships with a quiet assurance. It seems that their astrological sign may be at play here.

Ahead, astrologers list the least envious zodiac signs, from the calm and collected to the completely trustworthy.

6) Pisces

A mature Pisces never divides the world into friends and foes; they consider the entire world to be their vast family. They will never have a pout on their face.

5) Gemini

This sign follows its intellect rather than its emotions. So, while jealousy exists, it is not intense for them. They are not truly possessive, and you can discuss any topic with them.

4) Leo

This sign occasionally experiences jealousy but is easily able to contain it. Leo, who is ruled by the Sun, recognizes that their brilliance is never truly obscured by others.

3) Cancer

A confident, healed Cancer loves to see friends and family win. This sign is emotional, but it's not jealous.

2) Aquarius

This sign lets people, partners, possessions, and success come and go without attachment. So its representatives rarely get jealous.

1) Sagittarius

When everyone else is rolling their eyes and calling it "lucky," Sagittarius recognizes how hard you worked and finds that motivational.

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