Glacier Point

Wild Yosemite has a rich environment. Glacier Point deserves a detour. You'll never want to leave this tranquil example of Mother Nature after spending a few hours in this magnificent location.

Golden Gate Bridge

American engineering at its best with that trademark color is hard to miss. San Francisco isn't complete without crossing the Golden Gate! Even in fog, the golden bridge is stunning.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz is worth visiting to witness how scary and grim the once-impenetrable prison island surrounded by sharks was. Alcatraz's tour guides are unforgettable. Scary, but vital history.

The Getty Center

Western art and history aficionados definitely visit this well-organized museum. A gorgeous combination of buildings houses many unique works of art by famous Greco-Roman, Italian, and American artists.

Sonoma Wine Country

Visit the  Sonoma Valley world-famous vineyards or arrange a romantic trip there. This is fine dining. You can't just show up with a glass at the most popular wineries, so start planning immediately.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo includes over 600 species. They lead conservation efforts and create the most natural environments for their animals to safely release rescue animals.

California State Railroad Museum

California travel and American history combine at the State Railroad Museum. Displayed are the huge trains that drove the economy and public transportation for decades. 

Canyon National Park

Even though California has many natural wonders, we had to include one more. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are unmatched for human humility and stunning beauty. 

This ideal combination of towering trees and lyrical rock formations should make any man, woman, or child feel strongly connected to our beautiful country and planet.

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