English Springer Spaniel

Flushing spaniels are spaniels. English springer spaniels are popular for flushing birds for hunters. 40-50-pound medium-sized dogs. Long white fur with black, brown, and liver coloring. 

Boykin Spaniel

Their lengthier coats are uniformly dark brown, ranging from deep chocolate to liver. Webbed toes make the Boykin a good swimmer. South Carolinians used them to hunt waterfowl.

 Labrador Retriever

To retrieve, track, and flush are all tasks that come easily to Labrador retrievers. Pheasants Forever members like Labrador retrievers despite the fact that the breed is America's most popular dog. 

English Pointer

Pointers track prey, hence their name. Dogs freeze and "point" animals to hunters instead of chasing them. English pointers can hunt far and work well with other dogs.

German Shorthaired Pointer

GSPs are slender and muscular like English Pointers. They hunt, point, and retrieve. They can also track rabbits, raccoons, and deer. These 21-25-inch canines weigh 45-70 pounds. 


Vizslas are natural hunters and aquatic dogs. Lean, 45-60-pound dogs, they are smaller than English ones. Their short golden-rust coat distinguishes them. Their stamina makes them good running partners.

English Setter

Setters hunt. They now point.  Short, mottled English setters are medium-large. Most weigh 45-75 pounds. English setters chase highland birds. They like kids and dogs.


Weimaraners are versatile gundogs that point and retrieve. They are now useful upland hunters after being raised to hunt boar, deer, and bear. Weimaraners are slim, nimble dogs with practically hairless gray coats. 


Brittany spaniels since they resemble pointers and setters. 30-40 pounds and 17-20 inches, they are outstanding upland bird dogs. They hunt far despite their modest stature.

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