Apple Fifth Avenue

Every structure in New York City's 'Big Apple' stands true to its name. The 32-foot-tall glass cube stands out from its monotonous surroundings, which is saying something given its 

proximity to other high-end retailers like Chanel, Saks, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. Inside, the building's massive glass windows will make you feel like you've teleported to the New York of the future.

Apple Walnut Street

This time another engineering marvel. The Apple shop in Philadelphia is a huge, shiny silver and glass mecca of the highest quality Apple support money can buy.

There are almost never any wait times because all personnel have access to card readers and a plethora of in-depth Apple knowledge to address any questions customers may have at any given time.

Apple Lincoln Park

We immediately transition to the sunny northern metropolitan sprawl of Chicago, where the Apple shop stands alone in Lincoln Park. This shop is like their version of a subway tunnel

huge, streamlined, and made entirely of metal. You'll emerge from this tunnel feeling lighter, but it's probably more reliable than the public transportation you're used to.

Apple State Street

The next one is a bit of a deviation from the standard Apple Store design, at least from the outside. This Apple Store, like the rest of El Pueblo Viejo, was designed to honor Santa Barbara's rich history, 

and its bright colors, rustic textures, and distinctive ridges all contribute to this goal. The inside is bright and airy, just like the ones you'll find in any Apple Store.

Apple Boylston Street Store

When it comes to the largest Apple Store in the United States, Boston currently occupies first place. This behemoth features a classic glass and stone storefront, making it an attractive addition to its neighborhood. 

It has three levels, but there's also a garden on top where you can relax with your new purchases and help lower the building's carbon footprint.

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