Select an empire waist

The waistlines of maxi dresses are crucial.  a slow-building explosion.Because menopause often causes women to gain weight in their midsections, this style accentuates

your trimmest features while skimming over other areas.If you don't want an empire dress, look for one that has a waist that falls somewhere between your underbust and natural waist.

Maxi dresses naturally cover your legs. Show skin elsewhere to balance. off-shoulder dress, low-cut neckline, or spaghetti strap dress to show off your shoulders, bust, or arms.

Expose your upper body

The summertime popularity of maxi dresses highlights the importance of fabric choice.Natural fibers like cotton, linen, and washable silk are my go-tos since they allow the skin to breathe-

Find Best Quality

and are comfortable during hot weather or when one's body temperature fluctuates. Lycra and other flashy textiles should be avoided. It will stick to everything but the ceiling.

Wearing chunky heels with a flowy dress is a stylish combination.Small feet can benefit from wearing wedges or block sandals for added height.

Examine the Sutaible shoes out

Flats such as sneakers, espadrilles, or Birkenstocks are great options.As you ascend the stairs, watch that your flip-flops don't snag your dress. That's a recipe for falls.

Go for trendy pieces that can be worn in a number of different ways.I always tell my friends who wear maxi dresses during the day to accessorize with large-frame sunglasses and a floppy hat.

Add protective accessories

Add some gold bangles, a larger cuff or statement ring, and a straw bag to reference this season's accessories trends. Your basic summer style is complete.

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