Door County

Door County is cherry country, so expect jams, pies, and pastries galore. Door County is cherry heaven.Washington Island is another ferry-accessible summer getaway. 

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island, Michigan, is one of the best summer vacation places in the US if you're not acclimated.Mackinac Island is only accessible by bicycle or foot, so you'll appreciate the Great Lakes' cool summer breezes.

Grand Canyon

The Colorado River and meteorological phenomena sculpted the Grand Canyon over eons. The Grand Canyon is ten miles wide and one mile deep at its deepest.

Cape Cod

The beach is the main summer draw. Summer beaches are best. Additionally, Martha's Vineyard's July Concert Series begins in July. Local seafood and eating are booming.

Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is a top US summer vacation. It's hard to include all the Outer Banks' kid-friendly accommodations. Traveling to the Outer Banks during summer break is convenient.


It's not a stretch of the imagination to think about visiting Hawaii during the summer. Hawaii is beautiful and tropical year-round, but it truly shines during the warm summer months.

Jekyll Island

The Florida Panhandle has sugar-white beaches like Jekyll Island.The Georgia Sea Turtle Center, restaurants, and shops are in the historic district. Carriage rides are offered.

 Myrtle Beach

It's a top summer getaway. Myrtle Beach is a top US summer vacation.The long beach is just one reason. A huge amusement park, several restaurants, and summer festivals are also available.


Portland, Maine, is a top US summer vacation location. Portland is unlike any other city.Portland's appeal is that it's unattractive.Portlanders aren't trying to impress you.


Visit Anchorage, Alaska, for nature.Alaska's National Parks have stunning scenery, moose, elk, bears, and more.Alaska's summer climate is ideal.

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