Akitas are spitz dogs with erect triangle-shaped ears and a double coat. Akitas enjoy their families, but older, quieter children are best. Protective but non-aggressive. 

Belgian Malinois

Puppies of the Belgian Malinois breed need early socialization and training to mature into well-mannered family pets. Agility, herding, or Schutzhund would be great professions for this breed.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Switzerland's Bernese mountain dog was an important cattle drover, guard, and farm dog. The tri-colored Bernese mountain dog looks scary, but they are loyal family pets and fantastic with kids of all ages.


Bullmastiffs love kids, but their bulk can cause knockdowns, especially with hyperactive adolescents. Training is crucial again. Bullmastiffs love their families and should participate in household tasks.   

Doberman Pinscher

Modern Dobermans guard their families. If exercised and mentally stimulated, Dobermans are quiet indoors. Socialization and training make puppies confident, well-mannered, and accepting of allowed strangers.

German Shepherd

If properly trained, German shepherds make great family pets and delightful playmates for kids. German shepherds need thorough socialization to avoid anxiety and terror.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is German, not Danish. The breed's size and deep bark repel invaders. Great Danes like people, even strangers, so this is nice. The Great Dane is vigilant and will defend the family from intruders. 

Great Pyrenees

The breed is protective and vigilant. Independent but close to their human relatives. Routine, positive reinforcement training and socializing help Great Pyrenees overcome fear-based anxiety. 


Rottweilers are massive and confident. Rottweilers deter intruders. Socialized Rottweilers make terrific family dogs. Rottweilers may develop significant fear-based anxiety and aggression without it.

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