Athletic Weimaraners. Their speed and endurance make them terrific jogging partners. Heat-tolerant and energetic. Weimaraners without exercise and training may develop anxiety or behavioral issues.


Dalmatians love exercising despite being non-sporting. Dalmatians need exercise but have no history. They followed horse-drawn vehicles like hounds. Famous firedogs. Dogs warned passersby before sirens.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian ridgebacks are hounds with sports dog looks. Africa bred this massive, muscular dog to hunt lions. The breed boasts endurance and athleticism. Rhodesian ridgebacks can run longer and in higher temperatures. 

Siberian Husky

The snow-hauling Siberian husky is a working dog. This breed runs with limitless vigor.This dog can run with you in cool weather. In warmer temperatures, huskies cannot run great distances.


Terriers run far. These tenacious breeds were created to hunt foxes and pests. Smaller running companions include Jack Russells, Parson Russells, rat terriers, and wire fox terriers. Airedale terriers run well with larger dogs.

Border Collie

This herder likes to move. Border collies are agile. Exercising these dogs prevents frustration. Run through dense, winding paths to test your border collie. Heat-tolerant but cooler-loving, this breed.


Hunting dogs like vizslas need exercise. This sports dog is fast and durable. The vizsla is heat-tolerant and loyal to its owner. It's called "the Velcro dog." It is a trusty jogging partner.


Several pointers are athletic and make great running buddies. German shorthaired and wirehaired pointers are examples. These dogs like long runs and warm and cool weather.

Australian Shepherd

Another smart herder, the nimble Aussie, enjoys lengthy, challenging runs.Run less on hot days since they have longer coats. Aussies are smart, loyal, and energetic—perfect running buddies

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