Being Too Independent

The following time a commenter makes fun of you, Most men steer clear of me because I'm strong and confident in myself. Where can one get decent-looking males, etc.This individual is socially awkward around stunning women. 


Most commenters think modern women are unfriendly. Friendliness and a grin are more attractive. Intelligent, assertive women don't need to shout from the rooftops about their existence intimidating men," says one gentleman.

Showing Attention

It crushes my heart to realize that there are men in the world without a life mate. Meeting women in comfortable circumstances is easier with social skills. May God bless his journey.

Micro Managing

Some males dislike aggressive or critical women. Women aren't always treated equally in the workplace for acting this way. Most men seek calm at home for their relationship.

Violent Tendencies

It's possible that some women who assault men go unpunished. One commenter ponders, "What makes a woman intimidating?" Waving a weapon, being violent, etc.


Most men are rendered speechless by a woman's attractiveness. Men who can't appreciate a self-assured woman should be avoided.It's a common indicator that they no longer care about them or are only pretending to. 

Being Annoying

 They irritate me, though. Paradoxically, individuals rarely complain about unpleasant people. I keep telling myself that relationships are about getting past tiny annoyances and loving each other for better or worse.


The thread suggests unresolved prior trauma, yet everyone is insecure about something. Some women's personalities are shaped through abusive, neglectful relationships. This is two-way. We must face our pasts.

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