Soothe your hair and scalp with hydrating products

You probably choose shampoo by hair type. Choosing a volumizing or anti-frizz formula. However, white hair needs moisture.White hair is coarse and dry because it lacks colour,

therefore you may need to adjust your hair care routine.Clarifying shampoo weekly. This removes buildup and keeps hair soft and shiny to restore elasticity and softness.

Use a keratin treatment

Keratin is a top hairdressing secret for shiny white hair. It strengthens, smooths, and shines hair. Keratin fills hair strand gaps to smooth and eliminate frizz.

Use some violet toner

White hair yellows because it lacks colour. Pollution, sun exposure, and hard water residue can cause this. Luckily, it's simple. Violet toning products neutralize yellow, drab, and brassy tones.

Consider a precision cut

Lobs, bobs, pixies, and layers suit white hair. Precision and upkeep are needed for all. Silver hair appears sleek and stylish with a precise cut that works with your hair structure.

Regular trims maintain white hair smooth and tidy. Keep hair healthy by cutting it regularly.Split ends and frizz are reduced by frequent cutting.

Cover your hair to avoid sun damage

UV damage affects hair and skin.  Our hair's melanin acts as a sunscreen, but white hair has less.  Use a UV-protected hair mist before leaving home. Hats and silk scarves can shield your hair from the sun.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Upgrade your bedding—it may help your hair. Consider satin pillowcases. It reduces hair knots, frizz, breakage, and keeps your style longer.

Your hair will be manageable and frizz-free in the morning, saving you time and heat when styling. You'll wake up eager to enjoy more gorgeous silver strands.

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