Breakfast Chaffles

Keto breakfast chaffles are the best! These tasty delights will spice up your mornings. Cheesey, crispy, and tasty. Chaffle comes from cheese and waffle, a delicious combination that's easy to make.

It gives you energy without a sugar crash like bread or pancakes. Chaffles can be customized daily with a choice of toppings!

Ingredients-Mozzarella Cheese

Chaffle bases need this component. This recipe works well with its high melting point and mild flavor. Substituting cheddar or gouda will change the texture and taste.

Almond Flour

While keeping the carb count low, almond flour lends your chaffles a bit more structure. Coconut flour might be used as a replacement for the almond flour, although just 1 tablespoon would be necessary due to its higher absorbency.


The eggs in your chaffles provide the important function of acting as a binding agent, which helps keep all of the ingredients together. There are no suitable alternatives to this.

Baking Powder

Your chaffles will benefit from the added height. A combination of cream of tartar and baking soda can serve as a suitable replacement.

Vanilla Extract

To add a little taste and sweetness. If you'd rather have savory chaffles, simply omit the almond extract or replace it with another flavoring of your choice.

Creation Method

Before adding batter to your waffle iron, lightly oil it to prevent sticking.Overfilling waffle makers is not recommended. It really works!Wait until the chaffles have cooled down before taking them out of the waffle maker.

Try a variety of cheeses to get a wide range of tastes.You can keep chaffles in the fridge for 3-4 days, or you may freeze them for a month.

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