Toilet Paper

In recent years, the number of sheets in each roll has dropped, the rolls are smaller, and the paper is thinner. These modifications mean consumers must buy toilet paper more regularly since a roll lasts a short period.

Car Dashboard Controls

Car dashboards used to be simple. Car controls have advanced as well. Driving with touchscreens and visual displays can be confusing. People miss buttons and levers.

Cable TV

Do you recall the golden age of cable television? The likes of Netflix and Disney+ have hurt cable TV's viewership. When you can watch TV anytime you want, there's no reason to plan ahead.

Trix Cereal

Someone laments the flavor of Trix cereal after not eating it for years, citing a product change that ruined childhood memories. After one bowl, they threw out the package because it tasted artificial.

Chocolate Candy 

Many online users claim chocolate candy has worsened in quality, calling it sweeter but cloying. Additionally, normal chocolate bars no longer snap.Disappointing adult chocolate.


Forum participants believe furniture is poorly made. Supposedly, everything was wood. Paperboard presently. Another forum user quit buying broken cheap furniture and started buying quality handmade wooden pieces.


The current Pop-Tarts aren't impressing youngsters and adults. A forum poster wonders why the icing doesn't cover the treat completely. Another user regrets their diminished fullness.

Doc Marten Boots

An ex-lover of the iconic boots shares that their dad still wears the ones he bought more than thirty years ago. However, a pair of boots their mother bought five years ago are already worn out.

Household Appliances

Refrigerators and stoves used to last forever. Modern appliances survive longer, but three to five years is lucky. Modern appliances often break during warranty.

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