Haulover Beach

Florida has the nicest nudist beaches. Haulover Beach leads America's nudist beaches.This clothing-optional beach provides changing rooms, refreshments, showers, barbeque grills, and public restrooms. 

Little Beach, Maui

Beautiful golden sands. Naturalists appreciate rocky volcanic rocks and bushes for isolation. Only Maui's clothing-optional beaches remain. Though clothing-optional is unofficial, no one will protest if you remove everything.

Lighthouse Beach

It's almost in this big city's shadow. New Yorkers gather here to escape the sweltering heat. The Fire Island National Seashore's beach is used by lighthouse visitors.

However, nudists can enjoy a naturalist section without interruption. Many swimmers and sunbathers are topless here. Remember, the beach center is nudity-free. Find a quiet spot to undress.

Black’s Beach, San Diego

North America's largest nude beach. Naturalists are abundant year-round. However, Black's right corner is required.The beach spans city and state parks. Big waves make it a surfing spot.

Baker Beach

Baker Beach offers nude sunbathing near San Francisco. Most naturalists stick together, so other beachgoers don't bother them. The Golden Gate Bridge is stunning from here. The bathers are rarely noticed due to the vista. 

Collins Beach

The Columbia River has its own version of an inland beach. Collins is well-liked by the community, but it is also frequented by nudists.Given its proximity to Portland, Collins Beach attracts its fair share

of hipsters with beards and their peculiar beach styles. Access can be difficult at times. The last half mile will be on a gravel road. Bring along some refreshments, a first aid kit, lotion, and paper towels.

San Gregorio 

Beach length is two miles. San Gregorio Beach is the US's oldest nudist beach. Naturalists are separated by sexuality. Sunsets are wonderful.

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