Safari West, California

Safari West's 3-hour family ride. 400-acre preserve walking tour.Over 1000 Serengeti species include buffalo, wildebeest, oryx, and gazelle. You may like nighttime interactions with nocturnal animals.

Wildlife Safari, Oregon

South of Roseburg, Oregon is the Sylvan Umpqua Valley. Wildlife Safari, an AZA-accredited safari, offers 1.5 hours of driving and walking across diverse environments.

Bearizona Wildlife Park

Williams, Arizona hosts Bearizona Wildlife Park. 160 acres protect Ponderosa pine forests and North American wildlife.After driving the safari, walk to Fort Bearizona to witness lesser animals.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

California offers one more award-winning wild animal safari. San Diego Zoo Safari Park covers 1,800 acres.It has around 300 animals from six continents. Tour buses, hot air balloons, zip lines, and trams can take you to the safari. 

African Safari Wildlife Park

Start a wild adventure with a handful of approved feed at the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, Ohio. Bactrian camels, bison, zebras, alpacas, and other animals approach the car for food at the park.

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

San Antonio's Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch offers educational fun. Hillsides, oak tree groves, and babbling brooks cover over 450 acres.Over 500 endangered, exotic, and native animals from 40 species will greet you on this expedition.

 Virginia Safari Park

Virginia has several natural areas, but only one drive-through wild animal safari, Virginia Safari Park. The park includes approximately 1,000 animals on its 180-acre, 3-mile driving course.

Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour

The Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour at Custer State Park Resort in SD lets you off-road in a huge, open-air Jeep. Elk, pronghorns, and buffalo graze as the Jeep passes through undulating hills and enormous greenery.

Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari

Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari has international animals. The 250-acre safari zone has 120 bird, lemur, wolf, lizard, and wallaby species.Kid-friendly strolling area. Hand-feed smaller, docile animals.

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