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1) Sleepiness

If you haven't slept well, you'll be exhausted all day. This could disrupt your work and cause problems.

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2) Premature aging

Sleep is essential for the body's natural repair process. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a quickening of the body's aging process.

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3) Impulse control issues

Lack of sleep increases the likelihood of making poor decisions and demonstrating poor impulse control.

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4) Compromised immune system

A weakened immune system makes you more likely to catch colds and other illnesses frequently if you don't get enough sleep.

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5) Loneliness

Even if you have a sleeping companion next to you, you will naturally feel lonely if you are awake at night.

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6) Slower reactions

Your reaction times will drop if you do not get enough sleep since your body will be in a constant state of weariness.

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7) Alzheimer’s disease

Sleep deprivation can result in Alzheimer's disease, the primary cause of dementia. It can potentially progress to Alzheimer's disease.

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8) Anxiety

If you are prone to anxiety, getting as much sleep as possible is essential. Avoid coffee entirely, or at least many hours prior to bedtime.

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9) High blood pressure

Sleep deprivation can cause the body to experience stress, which can increase high blood pressure.

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10) Car accidents

If you haven't gotten enough sleep, you may be drowsy and so unfit to drive. On certain days, leave the automobile at home.

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