Shiba Inu

Shiba inu, a Japanese spitz, was bred for hunting. These clever, independent canines may develop possessiveness and aggressiveness. They love their family but distrust strangers. 

American Eskimo

The white Arctic fox resembles the American Eskimo dog. These dogs are loving, devoted, and protective family guardians. Even in freezing weather, they adore playing outside and get along well with kids. 


Schipperkes resemble black foxes. They're loyal and loving, yet they bark. They are interested and playful and like family activities, especially outside activity. 


Samoyeds are another Arctic spitz breed from Siberia. These strong, smart dogs were designed to pull arctic expedition sleds. Though they still chase small animals, they are mostly kept as loving, playful family pets.

Finnish Spitz

The noisy bird dog, the Finnish spitz, needs a lot of daily movement for its physical and mental health. When bored, these dogs bark, making them good family companions.

Norwegian Elkhound

Spitz-type Norwegian elkhounds. It's a loyal, active watchdog. Separation anxiety might occur. Norwegian elkhounds require daily activity. These dogs are friendly and trainable.


Little Pomeranians are energetic. These fluffy, sociable, inquisitive canines have cute, foxy faces. They shed little but need constant upkeep. Most Pomeranians are red or orange, giving them a fox-like look.

Icelandic Sheepdog

Icelandic Sheepdogs are loyal, intelligent, and attentive. These affable dogs were originally bred to herd sheep, but they make ideal family companions because they get along with kids.


Long-haired Chihuahuas resemble little, big-eared fennec foxes. These bashful dogs love their favorite humans. Though adults and older children are better, they require mental and physical exercise to be joyful.

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