Portuguese Water Dog

The average expense of owning a Portuguese water dog is $2,500, although they don't need as much medical care. Again, these dogs live 12–15 years and need grooming.

 Irish Wolfhound

This breed makes great family pets. However, puppies cost $1,900 and large dog grooming is expensive. As a bigger breed, these dogs face specialized health difficulties, increasing annual veterinary bills to exceed $5,000.

Old English Sheepdog 

Breeders sell these groomable pets for $1,250. Deafness, cataracts, stomach torsion, otitis externa, and other health issues can cost over $7,000 to treat, making this breed one of the most costly dog breeds. 

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers, a well-tempered breed, cost about $1,500 from a breeder. These dogs are loyal friends but are prone to major health issues, especially orthopaedic tumors, which raises veterinary bills over their lifespan of 10-13 years.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards' demeanor is consistent with its appearance: cool and detached. The initial investment of roughly $1,500 pales in comparison to the cost of medical bills, which can easily reach $8,000. A large dog's grooming costs can quickly add up.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes cost $1,000 upfront and live 13-16 years. Due to health difficulties like diabetes mellitus, this dog breed might be expensive to treat. Their hefty coats make grooming pricey.

Chow Chow

Guard dogs are chow chows. Due of joint difficulties and autoimmune illnesses, medical costs can be higher than other breeds for 12-15 years. These pets' luxurious coats increase grooming bills.


Newfoundlands are the world's most costly dogs. Due to their huge size, these dogs are among the most expensive to treat, costing $1,500. These massive dogs are expensive to groom due to their lengthy, dense fur.

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