Green complements red hair. It's easy to find a tint that works, whether army, forest, kelly, olive, or emerald green.Thibodeaux suggests jackets or blazers in the color. They go with jeans, workplace wear, and shorts.


Redheads can wear any color of this.Plum, lavender, and royal purple complement red hair well.For refinement, wear a purple dress, blazer, or accessory like a scarf or handbag.

Stark White

Many redheads actually look fantastic in white. When going for a more neutral style, brown is often paired with white as an additional piece of clothing or as an accessory.

White also works wonderfully with colorful accents; try out some reds and pinks in modest doses with this strategy.Put on something white this summer, whether it's a button-down, T-shirt, or a breezy linen dress.

Deep browns

Deep browns enhance hair color warmth.For the dog days of summer, try tobacco suede pants, a British tan handbag, or a cinnamon gauze maxi dress.Brown or hazel eyes are a bonus.

Navy Blue

If you're looking for a versatile, neutral color that can be worn with both business dress and daily clothes, navy blue is your best bet.Hair colors like these, deep blue and red, 

complement each other beautifully. Choose a fitted navy blue dress, pants, or blazer for a classic and sophisticated look.Cobalt blue is a vibrant shade that makes a statement in the same way as green does.

Mustard Yellow

Redheads don't usually wear bold colors like mustard yellow.This rich shade goes wonderfully with the flamboyant tones of red hair, making for a strikingly original style.

My favorite hue is mustard yellow, and I like to wear it with a cable-knit sweater and high-rise slacks to look confident.A summery sundress in the color is also available.

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