Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans need daily exercise but are peaceful indoors. Dobermans are well-mannered, well-socialized, and self-assured. They get along with family, including children, but may be hesitant with outsiders. 


Akitas love their families but can be stubborn, so they need experienced dog owners. Socialized, they are protective but not hostile. Akitas fare best with older children who know how to treat the dog. 


Lassie fans know that collie devotion is unmatched. UK collies herded sheep and other livestock. Collies are kind with kids and most pets, even cats.


Chihuahuas are fragile dogs, and some of them don't get along with children. Because of this, it's preferable to keep them in a family where the children are either older or not there at all. 


Beagles love people—especially their families. They get along well with dogs, cats, and horses. Due to their curiosity, Beagles are hard to train. 

German Shepherd

German shepherds are brave, loyal, and trainable, making them ideal police and military dogs. The smart German shepherd unites with their human family, including kids who learn dog etiquette.

Great Dane

Germany developed the Great Dane. This huge dog breed is sociable and tall. Great Danes are vigilant and protective. Great Danes love their humans and are good with youngsters.

Great Pyrenees 

While devoted to their human companions, Great Pyrenees can be suspicious of newcomers. Moderate exercise, such as daily walks, is ideal for Great Pyrenees. 

Labrador Retriever

The Lab has a double coat that protects it from the cold, dense underbrush, and icy water. The Labrador is an excellent family dog because he is obedient, friendly, and trainable. 

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