The Breeds of Dogs Best Suited for Hunting Prey

Bracco Italiano

The bracco, a reliable field dog, is more calm at home than other pointing breeds. They're sweet, loving dogs that bond with their families. It drools and barks. They're scarce in North America too.

Gordon Setter

New dog owners find Gordon setters difficult. It avoids strangers. This hunter freezes, points, and crouches. They're tougher, heavier, and can survive long Scottish highland hunts.

Irish Setter

Irish setters are hunter-bred. It sets hunters on gamebirds. These dogs hunt farms and moors. They smell birds. The Irish setter points to the concealed fowl. Early 19th-century Irish setters arrived in America.


Weimaraners also point. Hunting large animals made the Weimaraner a popular gun dog. Germany and elsewhere valued their pointing and retrieving skills.


Vizslas are loyal, versatile, and big-hearted. Known as velcro dogs. They love being around humans. Separation anxiety may affect them. They're linked to wirehaired vizslas.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Germany is recognized for breeding hunting dogs. Some experts think they're the best all-around hunting dog. English and Spanish pointers with the extinct German bird dog produced this breed. 

English Setter

The breed has a reputation for being quite laid-back and friendly toward other animals and mild-mannered humans. While still active, English setters tend to be more laid-back around the house than other pointing breeds.

English Pointer

With their energy and drive, they thrive in agility, canicross, and obedience as well as field competitions. English pointers are affectionate, loyal, and lovely at home.

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