A trip to the tailor can ensure a perfect fit

Fit is a major factor in creating the impression of luxury, so get your sundress altered by a local tailor to ensure a perfect fit.A tailor can make adjustments such as taking in the waist,

shortening the length so it falls at the proper place on your calves, or taking up the straps so they stay put. Though seemingly insignificant, some adjustments can make a huge impact.

Lean into accessories

Dress up that sundress up a notch by accessorizing with some chic jewelry. Putting on a high-quality leather belt to constrict and define the waist creates a sleeker silhouette.Put some thought into accessorizing your sundress with a floppy hat,

a structured purse, some eye-catching jewelry, and some quality sandals or heels. Choose accessories that add an air of refined elegance, such as those crafted from leather, metal, or natural fibers.

Get rid of all color

Monochromatic outfits—all one color—look polished.Choosing a timeless neutral monochrome outfit above fashionable hues. Monochrome outfits are easier to wear and more stylish than multicoloured ones.

For instance, a white sundress with white sandals, a beige sundress and heels with a camel trench coat, or a light gray sundress with a darker gray duster cardigan and felt Panama hat.

Experiment with combining separates

Adding layers is a quick and easy technique to give a plain sundress a more sophisticated look.Add a structured jacket or cashmere cardigan on top for instant luxury, or try a tailored blazer for a sophisticated professional look.

For cooler evenings in spring and fall, try layering with a sleek button-down blouse or turtleneck and a luxurious lightweight scarf. Add some edge to your sundress with a leather jacket.

Switch the knobs around

wanting mother of pearl, brass, pewter, ivory, or copper buttons.Remove these wonderful buttons before dumping old garments. Sundress buttons don't need stitching. Dry cleaners charge less.

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