Maltese make terrific lap dogs. They are smaller than most at 7 pounds. Due of their attractive white fur and friendly nature, they were originally bred as pets. Maltese are family-oriented and cuddly.


Small chihuahuas. They're considered the world's smallest dog. Apartments suit them. House dogs due of weather sensitivity.Chihuahuas love. Socialization prevents possessiveness.


Greyhounds are calm. They love spending time with their families. If puppies aren't taught to be alone, separation anxiety might emerge.Surprisingly thin skin.

Labrador Retrievers

America loves Labs. These dogs behave nicely in homes. These dogs are active since many breeders bred them to work. A laid-back family may struggle to keep the Labrador active. Active families benefit most.

Miniature Schnauzer

They're ideal house dogs because they're smaller and healthier than most tiny dogs. Due to their small size, exercising is easy for them. They're easily trainable and tiny enough for apartments.


Dachshunds, though small, were hunting dogs. Thus, they make wonderful companions for folks who prefer a smaller dog without a small-dog disposition. Miniature dachshunds are very popular.


Their coat is easy to maintain. Despite its size, it doesn't mat readily. Therefore, many dog owners brush them to avoid fur all over the house. These dogs are great family companions since they love kids.

Coton de Tulear

These dogs love their families and everyone else. They don't hunt because they lack prey drive. They're dog-friendly and not possessive. Crate-training early can help prevent separation anxiety.

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