The goldendoodle—a golden retriever-poodle mix—is a popular designer dog breed.Goldendoodles initially originated as guide dogs in the US, but breeders began marketing them as the perfect family dog.


The labradoodle, a Labrador retriever-poodle combination, is a popular designer dog. Labradoodles, like goldendoodles, shed less than their parents and are good for allergy sufferers.


Another great doodle designer dog is the cockapoo, a cocker spaniel-poodle mix. This uncommon parentage creates numerous unique cockapoo puppies. Cockapoos range from 6 to 20 pounds. 


The Maltese-miniature poodle hybrid is adorable. Maltipoos look youthful because of their puppy-like looks. Their button eyes and silky fur are adorable. They are smart, personable, and goofy. 


These pug-beagle designer pets are adorable. Puggles are healthier than purebred pugs. Some puggles have beagle-like snouts, while others have pug faces. Small, fun-loving puggles. They love kids and other dogs. 


Schnoodles are unpredictable since schnauzers and poodles come in three sizes each. These dogs are all sizes. Schnoodles with giant schnauzer and standard poodle parents are athletic and protective. 


The bichon frise-cavalier King Charles spaniel hybrid cavachon is flexible and adorable. Sweet pets make great companions. Whether they live alone or in a big house or apartment, they always appear content.


A unique blend of golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers would be one of the best designer dogs! Goldadors are huge, 60–80-pound dogs like their parents. 


The Maltese-Yorkshire terrier hybrid morkie is another beautiful puppy-like designer dog. Teddy bear pups play and care like their parents. Morkies are delicate (4–8 pounds) but have big personalities.

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