Goldendoodles, golden retriever-poodle mixes, are the biggest designer dogs. These friendly, confident dogs make terrific pets. Goldendoodles shed less the curlier  their coats.


Off-track, greyhounds are kind and respectful. They need lots of space to play because they're active. They enjoy unwinding with family. Greyhounds don't shed and need occasional brushing and bathing. 

Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese water dog has helped fishermen communicate and herd fish into nets for years. Hypoallergenic waterproof coats shed minimally.  water dog  requires weekly brushing and monthly grooming.

Giant Schnauzer

Giant schnauzers are the largest of three related breeds. It was bred up from the regular schnauzer, the original.Giant schnauzers' dense, wiry coats shed little. Weekly brushing helps maintain it between expert groomings. 


These smart, quick dogs need lots of exercise. Salukis love their families despite their independence. These dogs have short, sleek coats and require little care.

Poodle (Standard)

Three poodle sizes exist. The standard poodle is the largest. German water retrievers created the standard poodle. The hypoallergenic, dense curling coat is high-maintenance but hypoallergenic.

Brushing the standard poodle at least once every other day or daily for coats that are longer and getting it professionally groomed once every one to two months will keep it from getting matted. 


The barbet, a centuries-old French retriever, is a medium-large dog with a long, curly coat that sheds little but needs frequent cleaning to eliminate mats and tangles. Barbets love kids and other dogs.

Airedale Terrier

 Straight, crinkled, or slightly wavy, the short, wiry coat. The coat sheds little but must be properly clipped or hand-stripped three to four times a year. Use a gentle slicker brush monthly to detangle the coat. 

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