Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Swissy is a gentle, friendly tricolor herding dog that loves to please. These large dogs can track, cart, and obey.

Entlebucher Sennenhund

Like the Greater Swiss, this fluffy, stocky Swiss dog is black, brown, and white. Some say the ENTLEBUCHER SENNENHUND Dog was a Roman warrior and protector. 


Boxers are tricolor dogs with short coats of brown, black, and white. They were used to bait bulls and other dogs, hence their name. Boxers are now loyal, playful pets who love humans and other animals.


White, brown, and black coats cover the medium-sized Beagle. This scent hound hunted rabbits. Today, this laid-back dog loves family time and playing with the kids. Beware—that nose can lead them to new adventures!

Australian Shepherd

These smart herding dogs are loyal and friendly. Their long, fluffy coats are black, red, or blue with white or brown. The Aussie is good at flyball, agility, tracking, and herding—even people.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Blue Heeler, a tricolor dog, is black, brown, and gray. These small herding dogs, which date back to the 1800s, are full of energy and smart enough to herd without overworking.

Cavalier King

The Cavalier's fluffy, silky coat comes in four patterns, including black, white, and tan. Although they're hunting dogs, these playful and loving pups love being with their people.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Queen Elizabeth owned several Corgis. The most striking tricolor combination for these adorable short pups is tan, white, and black. The breed is used for hunting and nipping cattle's heels.


Today, the Collie is known for its tricolor coat of black, white, and tan. Scottish herder pups are active, loving, and loyal to their families. They are protective and can herd kids.

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